WG1: Size Effects

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WG 1 focuses on size effects in the mechanical behavior of the broadest material spectrum. The goal is to define “nanomechanical quanta” across and beyond the MecaNano community.

The members of WG 1 share their data, models, perspectives and experiences on size effects, characteristic length scales, processing, properties and characterization technologies. Synergies are fostered within WG 1 and across MecaNano via periodic scientific and network meetings, and with online pitching events, in which members introduce their expertise, ideas and facilities.

Diletta Giuntini, PhD

Diletta Giuntini, PhD

Assistant Professor
Mechanics of Materials
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Eindhoven University of Technology – TU/e
P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven

E-mail: d.giuntini@tue.nl

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kerzel

Dr. Daniel Kiener

Professor for Micro – & Nanomechanics of Materials
Department of Material Science
Chair of Materials Physics

Montanuniversität Leoben – Jahnstr. 12
A-8700 Leoben – Austria

Tel: +43 3842 804 412
Fax: +43 3842 804 116

E-mail: daniel.kiener@unileoben.ac.at


Dr. Dan Modehai

Associate Professor
Head of the Nanomechanics Simulations Laboratory Technion
Israel Institute of Technology
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Office: 418, DK
Haifa, Haifa District, Israel

Phone: +972-77-8873460

E-mail: danmord@technion.ac.il

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Capriccio Special Seminar 2024

FAU announces the 2nd Capriccio Special Seminar “Approaching Fracture in Experiments, Modelling, and Simulations across the Scales”, which will be held online from April to July 2024. Further information and registration to the seminar series is available at the website The hosts are looking forward to welcoming you to their Special Seminar 2024!