WG3: Open Research Data Management

Online Seminar WG3: ELNs in Material Science and Materials Mechanics

In this seminar series users and/or developers of different electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) that are used in the domain of Material Science and Engineering will introduce “their” ELN. The aim is to get an overview of the respective software, who application in everyday workflows, point out strengths and maybe touch upon weaknesses. Following a ~ 30 min presentation and/or demo we aim to allocate some time for open discussions and Q&A with the presenters.

The seminar aims at scientists that would like to digitize the documentation of their research and are at a point where they need to choose betwen different RDM systems and ELNs. Participants will get some 1st hand information from users and developers and will have the chance to ask additional questions that might be applicable to their situation. There is no prior knowledge required to participate in the seminar series.

Currently the following dates are confirmed:

Information regarding the specific ELNs can also be found in the ELN finder (https://eln-finder.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/home)

A Crash Course in Research Data Management with MecaNano

The MecaNano WG3 held their first workshop on research data management (RDM) in at RWTH Aachen Gästehaus at the end of September (26-27th). Ulrich Kerzel and Volker Hofmann organized the two-day event full of presentations, active discussions, and tasty cakes to introduce or further advance participants’ knowledge about RDM within the material sciences. The workshop had about 25 participants representing 15 of the MecaNano countries. The talks from a variety of speakers included topics on why we need RDM, how to structure data and use ontologies, available RDM platforms, FAIR data, and how to start to think about implementing RDM at one’s home institute.

The two-day workshop was a great introduction into RDM, its importance for the future, and how to start FAIR data policies. Every participant could take away new information no matter what level in the RDM chain they were at before the workshop.

The in-person workshop was followed by a virtual event with zoom held on 1. December. Katharina Grünwald gave a presentation and introduction on creating a research data management plan. The presentation will be made available in early 2024. Several presentations from the in-person event are now available at the MecaNano website to members (Sub-page Users – Repository). Please note, the MecaNano webpage uses a different login than the e-COST MecaNano.

Ulrich Kerzel

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kerzel

Fakultät für Georessourcen und Materialtechnik
RWTH Aachen University

Kopernikusstrasse 14
52074 Aachen
Raum E06

Volkmar Hofmann
Dr. Volker Hofmann

Institute for Advanced Simulation
Materials Data Science and Informatics (IAS-9)
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

Technologiezentrum am Europaplatz
Dennewartstr. 25-28
52068 Aachen

email: v.hofmann@fz-juelich.de

Open Research Data management The Action will introduce the stakeholders to effective and purposeful handling of research data, as well as open access sharing.

Task 3.1 Introduce the FAIR data concept to the stakeholders (milestone 3)

Task 3.2 Benchmark open data repositories currently under development in the ERA

Task 3.3 Promote harmonization of national efforts in defining standards for open data sharing of nanomechanical data.

Online OPEN Research Data Management Discussion 

WG3 on Research Data Management (RDM) organized an open ONLINE discussion about successes, challenges and experiences on January 31st, 2024 at 10:00 CET.

Short overview and report of the discussion you can find in the attachment.