Action Chair
Marie-Stéphane Colla
Louvain University


Action Vice Chair
Benoit Merle
Kassel University

Grant holder
Marc Legros

Leadership positions

Core group

Action ChairDr Marie-Stephane COLLA
Action Vice ChairProf Benoit MERLE
Grant Holder Scientific RepresentativeDr Marc LEGROS
Science Communication CoordinatorDr Aleksija DJURIC
Grant Awarding CoordinatorDr Marc LEGROS

Management Committee

MecaNano is led by the Action Management Committee (MC).

Four subcommittees are formed at the beginning of the Action.

The General Meetings Organization Committee (GMOC) manages the time, location and programme for the GM which brings together all the members of the Action every second year, as well as in a concluding meeting at the very end of the Action.

The Travel Grants Committee (TGC) coordinates attribution of financial resources for the travelling to conferences and for the STSM.

The Symposia Funding Committee (SFC) selects the symposia to be funded following inclusiveness and excellence criteria.

The Training Schools Organization Committee (TSOC) coordinates the organization of events oriented towards YRI. This Committee cares for a broad accessibility of the schools, especially for ITC participants.

Each committee consists of 5 persons: 1 from ITC, 1 YRI, 1 Gender balance controller (GBC) and 2 additional elected persons from the network.

Besides the different committees, a Science Communication Coordinator (SCC) leads and coordinate activities of WG5.