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To join the MecaNano Cost Action and participate in the activities, you must register on the COST official page. When registering, you must join one of the five Working Groups for your registration to be official.

Join us !

After receiving the applicant submission through the official COST website, the Management Committee approves or rejects the application based on the applicant’s research area and compatibility with the Action’s goals.

After officially accepting the membership, we ask you to register on the MecaNano website and fill out the COST Member Template to access additional materials and keep informed with MecaNano activities.

We look forward to new members and the growth of the MecaNano community!

Contacts, Social Networks and Geographical Distribution of the Members

​We are delighted to report that the MecaNano group has now reached 40 nations, with specifically 21 ITC (Integration Target Countries) members! Please note that some countries are still missing, such as Montenegro, Cyprus, Georgia, Ukraine, Iceland and Luxembourg…​