Research Data Management Online Event 1. December 11:00 CET

An online event on Data Management organized by WG3 will be on 1st December, 11:00, CET.

Katharina Grünwald will give a presentation and introduction on creating a research data management plan, the zoom details are below.

Speaker: Katharina M. E. Grünwald, M. A. (Data Steward at RWTH ITC for NFDI-MatWerk)

Duration: Approx. 1 hour

Abstract: In the Data Management Plan (DMP) presentation, participants will gain an overview of the objectives of a DMP. They will learn how to approach a research project while considering research data management and the available infrastructure at their institution before initiating a new project. This approach is practical and can be applied directly.

Step 1 involves creating a Data Map of the existing IT infrastructure of the institution and/or the specific field of study.

Step 2 consists of translating this Data Map into a DMP that also addresses the specific requirements of the respective project. We will introduce the DMP tool RDMO as an example since it is used at RWTH. However, the approach using the Data Map and the tool is agnostic and can be adapted to different systems

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Meeting ID: 652 7470 0422
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