Prof. Christoph Kirchlechner and Jon Molina are organizing a symposium on “EXPERIMENTAL NANOMECHANICS” at the EMMC19 conference (19thEuropean Mechanics of Materials Conference), which will take place on May 29th-31st, 2024 in Madrid, Spain (http://emmc19.org/symposium-s13.html).

This symposium aims to bring together the research community in micro- and nano-mechanics, particularly those adopting interdisciplinary approaches, with the objective of gaining insights into the small scale mechanical behavior of structural, biological and/or functional materials and structures. The targeted topics are:

  • Nanoindentation, microbending, micropillar compression and others
  • Testing of nanostructures, thin-films and coatings
  • Interface and grain boundary phenomena
  • Time-resolved in situ SEM, EBSD, AFM, X-Ray/synchrotron and TEM mechanical testing
  • In operando and in vitro micro- and nanomechanical testing
  • Deformation mechanisms and fracture phenomema bridging lenth scales
  • Testing under extreme conditions (high and low temperature, high strain rates, hydrogen environments, radiation,…)

Please note the deadline for the abstract submission (http://emmc19.org/submissions.html) has been extended (January 14th).

Hope to see you there!